Self-proclaimed genius; Erik ORION shares his life changing theory of our Universe which mathematically / scientifically proves once and for all that ancient mariner explorers were right! Our Earth is not shaped like an inflated ball as N.A.S.A. and the Vatican falsely claim. N.A.S.A. & the Vatican are full of shit!

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N.A.S.A & the Vatican are full of shit & lying to the World!



Hey brainwashed blue ball believers & "crazy" Christian flat Earth theorists; I am a Non-Christian. My theory of our universe is based on science & sacred geometry, NOT Christian non-science or nonsense. Our Planet Earth does NOT orbit the sun! In fact, there are two planet Earths, two suns & seven moons. Both earths are flat as a pancake, slowly rotating, oval disk shaped possibly with hollow centers slanted at 45° angles. However, the Freemasons keep everything level.


Earth #2, our “present” Earth rotates clock-wise on its axis & Earth # 1, our “past” rotates counter-clockwise. Both Earths are encased in a clear sphere-like, atmospheric bubble / dome with oxygen to support life. I estimate that both planet Earths are 100,000,000 miles away from each other and 100 + or - years in time difference. It’s the year 2024 on our present Earth #2 & year 1924 on Earth #1 our past. It’s possible for both planet Earths to communicate with each other via digital binary / “Wi-Fi” communications at low frequencies, not high ones as NASA claims. The C.I.A., N.A.S.A., NSA & the Vatican keep this scientific fact classified “Top Secret.”



Here's what a solar eclipse really looks like. *April 8th, 2024. North America





* The two Earth(s) make a complete rotation once every 60 seconds like the perpetual motion second hand on a clock.
* The two outer moons make a complete rotation once every hour like the minute hand on a clock.
* The inner two moons make a complete rotation once every 12 hours like the hour hand on a clock.


Rock bands know our Earth(s) are flat...Apparently, flat as a pancake!



Vatican Agent / Liar: Christopher Columbus was a piece of shit liar & a Vatican Religious Globe symbol salesman.


Vatican Agent / Liar: Christopher Columbus was a piece of shit liar & a Vatican Religious Globe symbol salesman.



Russia knows our Earth(s) are flat...




Here's what happens when ships cross over the ice wall "edge" of our Earth. It's a proven scientific fact that water always seeks a flat plane level surface. Therefore ships cross right over the "edge" of our Earth & always remain upright in the same direction they were headed.




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I, Erik ORION am a single, 56 year old successful author with six copyright protected books to my credit; The Bush Connection, The Pyramids of Oak Island, Sabotage, Celebrity Death Hoaxes Exposed, Tesla Pyramid Power Plants & Flat Earth Science. I'm also an inventor with a U.S. Patent #5,078,640 for a medical device; stuffed animal crutch pads. In 1990, I graduated from Stockton State University in Pomona, NJ with a B.A. in Marketing. I am currently working as a real estate broker & website designer in Florida.

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